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python.uq.jsonLib Namespace Reference


def parseAttribute
def parseKeyAsTuple
def reprBool
def reprDict
def reprFloat
def reprInt
def reprKey
def reprList
def reprString
def reprTuple
def reprVal
def stringToList
def stringToListOfLists
def stringToTupleOfFloats

Function Documentation

def python.uq.jsonLib.parseAttribute (   attrValue,
Parses a single class attribute to the correspondent string
representation in json.
@param attrValue: value of the attribute
@param attrName: name of the attribute
@return: json string equivalence

References python.uq.jsonLib.reprString(), and python.uq.jsonLib.reprVal().

def python.uq.jsonLib.parseKeyAsTuple (   d)
Converts the string representation of a dict to an actual dict
@param d: dictionary

References python.uq.jsonLib.stringToTupleOfFloats().

def python.uq.jsonLib.reprBool (   attrValue)
def python.uq.jsonLib.reprDict (   attrValue)
def python.uq.jsonLib.reprFloat (   attrValue)
def python.uq.jsonLib.reprInt (   attrValue)
def python.uq.jsonLib.reprKey (   attrValue)
def python.uq.jsonLib.reprList (   attrValue)
def python.uq.jsonLib.reprString (   attrValue)
def python.uq.jsonLib.reprTuple (   attrValue)
def python.uq.jsonLib.reprVal (   attrValue)
Computes a string representation of attrValue that is
valid json. Supported are:
1) boolean
2) integer
3) dictionary
4) float
5) list, np.ndarray
6) tuple
7) string
8) DataVector
9) objects with ".toJson" method
10) objects with ".serialize" method
@param attrValue: arbitrary object

References python.uq.jsonLib.reprBool(), python.uq.jsonLib.reprDict(), python.uq.jsonLib.reprFloat(), python.uq.jsonLib.reprInt(), python.uq.jsonLib.reprList(), python.uq.jsonLib.reprString(), and python.uq.jsonLib.reprTuple().

Referenced by python.uq.jsonLib.parseAttribute(), python.uq.jsonLib.reprDict(), python.uq.jsonLib.reprList(), and python.uq.jsonLib.reprTuple().

def python.uq.jsonLib.stringToList (   s,
  f = float 
def python.uq.jsonLib.stringToListOfLists (   s,
  f = float 
def python.uq.jsonLib.stringToTupleOfFloats (   s)
Converts s to a tuple
@param s: string
@return: tuple represented by s

Referenced by python.uq.jsonLib.parseKeyAsTuple().